ArtBeat By Day
Saturday, July 16th

Music on the Seven Hills Park Stage

12:00 PM — Koliba
Koliba blends the traditional music of West Africa with the contemporary sounds of America. Bringing together musicians from Africa and America, this Afro-pop band presents a unique blend of traditional and modern styles including West African Rhythms, Hi Life, Reggae, Ska, Zuke and more.

1:00 PM — Tarbox Ramblers
Taking listeners to a place where primitive blues, country stomps and backwater sounds come together in powerful and unexpected combinations, The Ramblers are left-field traditionalists whose live performances have earned the band critical acclaim and a national following. Driven by the slide guitar and haunting vocals of bandleader Michael Tarbox, the band’s musicality and immediacy put it at the forefront of the contemporary roots scene.

2:00 PM — Dub Apocalypse
Led by drummer Tommy Benedetti (John Browns Body) and Johnny Trama (Nate Wilson Group) on guitar, Dub Apocalypse is an all-star combination of Boston’s best musicians. The rotating aspect of the band allows for fresh interpretations of the tunes from show to show. Playing an impressive array of original dub reggae instrumentals, with wild improvisation and Benedetti’s dirty break beats, this band never disappoints. Johnny Trama’s emotional blues-driven guitar licks can send you soaring to the stratosphere.

3:00 PM — Somerville Symphony Orkestar
Blossoming from the Slavic heart of Greater Boston, the Somerville Symphony Orkestar is an all-original Eastern European Punk Funk band. The SSO beats Balkan, Klezmer, and traditional Russian music into a funk-punky pulp sure to beef up and beautify your life.

4:00 PM — The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library
The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library is the world’s only male-fronted, all-female, librarian-attired, down-tempo, indie, ensemble pop act featuring intricately constructed, tongue-in-cheek, tortuous songs with an emphasis on narrative. The band released their first album, “Volume One, “nationally this May with some help from a grant from the Passim Iguana Fund and has recently collaborated with BalletRox to create and perform a three-song indie rock ballet.

5:00 PM — Curubande
Following the lead of band maestro Manolo Mairena, this Latin ensemble serves up lively Son Montuno, bomba or straight-up dance-friendly salsa. With its surefire mix of thumping bass, an electrifying horn section, the constant rumbling of conga and bongo and soaring vocals, Curubande brings swing back to the dance floor!