ArtBeat By Day
Saturday, July 16

Elm Street Plaza Happenings (between Starbucks & Chipotle Grill)

12:45 PM — Vegetable Circus
No ordinary circus, the Vegetable Circus teaches children about healthy eating, movement and relaxation through a high energy show featuring juggling, hooping, and acrobatics. A core value taught through the show is that it is essential to eat a rainbow of vegetables every day. The circus discusses the healthy properties of veggies and engages the audience through methods that include a stretch break and basic skills for hoops and juggling.

1:45 PM — Yo Ho Ho! The Pirate Show!
This interactive puppet show involves a Pirate Ship adventure on a search for treasure with Crazy Captain Jenny. Children will learn how to walk and talk like a pirate and all about the Pirate Code of Conduct. Also, prepare to meet Clarence, the Baby Crocodile, who warns of the giant red Sea Monster. Yo ho ho! The Pirate Show is an interactive adventure complete with a treasure map and a message in a bottle.

2:45 PM — The Sunsetters
Somerville High School’s traveling singing and dancing group will perform modern renditions of classic Broadway and popular dance tunes.

3:45 PM — Katie Liesner
This professional storyteller engages us with the struggle between two red beasts: the devil and love. Liesener tells a tale of her deeply religious German-Lutheran family and how they’ve run from the devil for generations – since the Lieseners who sailed across the Atlantic seeking religious freedom. Through disaster and heartache, they’ve fended off the devil with dogma. But an unexpected turn of events pits their vision of heaven and hell against Liesener’s vision of love and loneliness.

4:30 PM — Lindy Bomb Squad
Hailing from Somerville, this is a dance group formed with the intention of bringing swing dance to the non-dancing world. The Lindy Bomb Squad holds impromptu dances in public spaces, teaches 20-second classes, and does their best to get everyone involved in their favorite activity. Be prepared to see their Swing Dance “Flash Mob.”