LCC Grants are awarded in seven disiplines and three types, fellowships, projects, and education.  Below are the awards issued for 2012.  SAC is looking forward to engaging projects and support for artist fellowships.

Cultural Heritage

Artist Fellowships
Suzanne Lubeck:To conduct original research of Somerville’s historic Heptorean Club.

Stacie Clayton, Community Gospel Chorus:To support a free musical enrichment program in honor of Black History Month

Melissa Dullea,Hui lehua O Kamawila:  To support an evening of Aloha: Performance of Hawaiian and Tahitian Music and Dance.

Barbara Mangum, Sculpture & Decorative Art Conservation Services: To support a Historic Somerville Speaker Series benefiting those interested in the historic culture of Somerville.

Richard Saunders, Somerville Public Schools:  To support a residency with Grooversity, focused on world drumming, with Somerville middle school students.


Artist Fellowship
Aparna Sindhoor, Navarasa Dance Theater:  To support the creation of a solo dance theater work on Love.

Richard Clark: ATTICUS performance—one person play to be performed for Somerville Council on Aging.

Merli Guerra, Luminarium Dance Company: To support a public installation and live dance performance. 


Dawn Morrissey, Irish Film Festival: To support a Somerville Irish Film Festival.

Bob Nesson: To support a documentary about how one person with a strong vision can over obstacles and run a green alternative business.

Wendy Blom, Somerville Community Access T.V.: To support a quarterly independent film and video exhibition program at SCATV.


Artist Fellowships 
Joelle Renstrom: To explore the connecting technologies in science fiction.

Carrie Normand: To produce a 6 week memoir writing workshop for senior citizens with printed booklet and readings.


Lori Manz, Openair Circus: To support a six-week intensive circus training for children of all ages.

Else Eaton, Outside the Lines Studio: To facilitate the collaboration with artists with and without disabilities in the creation of a giant puppet production for a local parade.

David Salat, FossFest: To support Foss Fest, a free half-day family friendly music and arts event in Foss Park.


Artist Fellowships 
Jeremy Spindler: Composing new music that speaks to the contemporary ear, consisting of flutes, clarinet, trumpets, percussion, piano violin, and cello.

Kelle Shugrue, Arthur D. Healey School: Project to transform existing planters at the Healey School into multi-media ecosystems that include living plants and student-produced art and poetry. 

Rita  Ranucci: To support scholarships for the Somerville String Camp, a two week intensive summer string instrument training program.

Marcus Santos, Somerville High School: To support a world drumming book for Somerville Public Schools featuring music lessons and rhythms from five countries: USA, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, & Haiti.

Liza Kitchell: To offer a series of after-school programs for grades 3-6 at the Growing Center, entitled Wild Tales, that focuses on a musical performance about urban life in Somerville

Annegret Klaua:  To promote classical music in Somerville with a chamber music concert series at the Armory.

Florence Bergmann, Mystic Learning Center: To support an after-school chorus program for Mystic Development youth ages 5-15.

David Giessow, Somerville Community Chorus: To support a mixed-media concert with live orchestra.

Visual Arts

Artist Fellowships 
Jodi Colella: Mixed Media sculpture that explores material while abstracting natural forms that are inspired by and mimic the patterns of science and reflect on the temporal nature of growth and change.

Christopher Frost:  Built and cast sculptures that revisit childhood projects and constructions.

Randy Garber: Multi-media printmaking that explores auditory experience and interpretation of language.

Ann Hirsch: To support a series of dioramas, “Of Bird and Men"", narrative pieces comprised of photographs and sculptures.

Forrest Snyder: To support large hanging cloud sculptures made in porcelain.

Rebekah Teerlink-Wright: To support surreal landscape paintings.

Megan Mary Creamer:  Working in cut paper inspired by the German tradition Scherenschnitte

Grace  Durnford:  Recording and reimaging Somerville- mixed media cityscapes

Azadeh Tajpour:  To support a series of paintings based on historical Iranian video stills.

Hannah Verlin: To support text -based installations based on drawings on history, literature, and outer space.

Holly Hatch, East Somerville Community School:  To support an after-school group facilitated by David Fichter at the E. Somerville Community School to design and create mosaics that will illustrate the character and vitality of Somerville.

Bevan Weissman:  To support a project with students exploring plaster casting. 

Nina Hasin:  To support Somerville school residencies with Mexican Oaxacan woodcarving artists.

Adam Machson-Carter, Groundwork Somerville:  To support a project working with youth artists to design and build a gateway for the South Street Farm.

Greer Muldowney: To support the publication and exhibit of photography that documents the visual culture of Hong Kong SAR.

Tova Speter: To support the creation of new mural panels on the outside of Rogers Foam building on Central Street.

Stephen Lewis: To support an International poster exhibit of Portuguese political labor posters at the Somerville library.