LCC Grants are awarded in seven disiplines (music, visual art, etc.) and three types: fellowships, projects, and education.  Below are the awards issued for 2014.  SAC looks forward to these engaging projects and is thrilled to support individual artists through our fellowship grants. The LCC grants listed below is organized by discipline.

Cultural Heritage

Artist Fellowship
Pradhuman Nayak:  To support the practition of the ancient Indian martial art of Kalaripayattu.

Project Grant
Gheed Itani: To support a theater and video production that explores Arab American youth identity.

Education Grant
Martin Kennedy (Somerville Public Schools): To support cultural development for educators to better serve growing Haitian Student population.


Artist Fellowship
Faye Dupras: To support a touring puppeteer who is working on new productions for younger audiences called Great Red Ball Rescue.

Kristen Myers: To support a Spring Musical by the Kennedy School Drama Club.
Liza Kitchell: To support Wild Tales a free after-school program for children ages 5-12 who will explore Somerville's unique ecosystem and create and perform an original musical play about our cityscape.
Diana Rice (Outside the Lines Studio): To produce a multi-media puppet show for ArtBeat and SCATV that reflects the vision of OTL and the Somerville community, incorporating the chosen theme of ArtBeat.

Field Trip (to support school cultural trips)

East Somerville Community School:  To support a trip to Symphony Hall.

Healy School:   To support a trip to Plimouth Plantation



Artist Fellowship
Patrick Johnson: To support a documentary filmmaker who explores food securtiy and community.  

Suzanne Robichaud:  To support a series of comedic movies that will be shown at Chuckie Harris Park, designed to bring together and entertain the diverse community of East Somerville.

Dawn  Morrissey (Irish) Film Festival: To support the Somerville Irish Film Festival.

Somerville Community Access T.V.:  To support a bi-lingual video workshop on career options for Somerville High School students.


Artist Fellowship (to support writers and their projected work below)
Gabriella Gage:  A narrative history of the 1933 Peggy McCarthy murder and its impact on Somerville.
Steve Macone: A manuscript of nonfiction essays that attempt to blend realistic humor with honest explorations and offbeat topics such as grocery stores to fishing to the human side of grammar.
Dominic John Perri: A novel that explores the deep importance of family heritage, cultural traditions, and how it relates to the community.
Whitney Scharer: A historical novel focusing on the love  between the famous SurreaÏist photographer Man Ray, and his model-turned~assistant Lee Miller, who continue on to a career as photo-journalist on the front lines during WWII.


Artist Fellowship
Kris Hatch: To support experimental studies and interpretations of the transcendent.

Daniel Joseph:  To support an interactive musical sculpture for all ages in Seven Hills Park, inspired by the concept of participatory music.
Roger Miller:  To support the production of a Davis Square Symphony, conceived as a populist work for orchestra, with a film component, based on traffic patterns in Davis Square, The work will use both youth and adult musicians.


Artist Fellowship
Aldo Abreu:  To support the artistry of a recorder performer and teacher.
Mary Bichner:  To support a musician who explores vibrantly-hued chord progressions with catchy, memorable melodies; and specialize in fusing classical instrumentation (often in the form of large-sized orchestral ensembles) with traditional rock/pop instruments.
Russ Gershon: To support work on two live albums from his 10 piece band Either/Orchestra. 
Daniel Sedgwick: To support the work of a composition projects that include a piece for two bassoons and string orchestra, shorter vocal pieces, and a duo for violin and piano.

Education Grant
Argenziano School, Paul Barringer:  To support a  Malian drumming and dance residency for grades 6-8 at the Argenziano School. This three week program will provide 70 students with hands on experience learning and performing traditional songs from Mali.

Somerville Public Schools, Joanne Sadler:  To support Somerville String Camp a two week intensive summer music program for string instrument instruction that offers classes in violin, viola, cello, and bass as well as music theory, improvisation, chamber music, etc.

East Somerville School, El Sistema:  To support a composer in residence, Oliver Caplan, for the creation of a 5-8 minute original work entitled, "Phoenix Rising”, featuring various levels of musical complexity.

Abby Luthin: To support a lunchtime concert series in which local musicians showcase their talent to students.

Richard Saunders (Somerville High School):  To support a program designed to connect both our immigrant and slave heritage through the music of the two American sub-groups– Traditional Blues and Irish Folk Music.

Anne Howarth (Vento Chiaro): To support a free, educational, family concert featuring an area composer at the public library around the theme of storytelling with music.

Mystic Learning Center, Inc: To support an after-school chorus program for the Mystic Learning Center Youth Chorus for ages 5-15.

Joanne Sadler (Somerville Public Schools-Music)  To support Somerville String Camp, a two week intensive summer music program for string instrument instruction, offering classes in violin, viola, cello, and bass as well as music theory.

Visual Arts

Artist Fellowship (to support artists who be exploring the following)
Joseph Barillaro:   Demonstrating links between multi-media collages and paintings while concentrating on larger scale paintings including public murals.

Edie Bresler:  Photographing American communities through the lens of state-sponsored lotteries and documenting the impact it has.
Alane Brodrick: A series of photographs: Diptychs and single images with encaustic–focusing on a photographic series that explores the beekeeping tradition in her family.
Elizabeth Corkery:  Spatial investigations challenging the conventionally 2D nature of print media and representational experience using the garden as her thematic, foundation.
Nicole Moira Duennebier: Biomorphic still-life with old-master influences–a natural phenomenon of candied old-master opulence.
Phyllis Ewen: Sculptural paper collages using maps, charts, with paint and puzzle pieces that explores aspects of global warming, highlighting the effects of rising waters and parched earth.

Andrew Fish: Colorful and ambiguously narrative oil paintings, exploring the ephemeral nature of image-making driven emerging technologies.
Amy Fleischer: Exploring the edge-states of inner landscapes in paintings and prints  by rendering  landscapes of both the urban and wild..
Emily Garfield: Using the visual language of cartography to graphically explore ideas of cities, imagination, networks and
Brian Hart: Paintings and drawings combining densely layered imagery to create allegorical works.
Graham McDougal: His work uses printed ephemera as a subject and source which has developed into a series of silkscreen paintings and an artists book.
Rachel Mello:  Through printmaking and painting on cut silhouette, she explores a sense of place, layering urban and rural landscapes and architectural ornament on a single plane.
Regina Schroeder:  Creates handmade books and broadsides of quality contemporary poetry.
Jane Sherrill:  Working on a series of acrylic paintings of the ocean. Depicting the continuous motion of the water in paint.
Judith Klausner: To support The Mµseum ("Micro Museum") that will include 4-6 art exhibits, opening receptions, upgraded gallery facility.

Somerville Public Library: To support a teen program that will create clay cookie stamps and use them to make and exchange cookies.