Thank you for participating in this public meeting about governance at the Armory. For more in-depth information about the Somerville Armory and the Master Planning process, please visit our Somervoice page.

The Armory
Future Governance
May 15, 2024

  • Goals of This Meeting Series
    • How does the Armory function 50 years from now?
    • How does the Armory reflect the needs of the Community?
    • Are we on the right track?
  • Goals of This Meeting
    • Group Agreements
  • Armory Master Plan
    • Why?
    • Work to Date
    • What’s Next?
  • Armory Master Plan Draft – Vision of Success – Hand-Out A
  • Implementing the Vision – Developing a Governance Structure for the Future
    • What is Governance?
    • Governance & the Master Plan
    • Governance Wish List
  • Implementing the Vision – Governance Pathways
    • Achieving the Wishlist
    • What is a Quasi-Municipal Trust?
    • Potential Pathways
    • Governance Wish List – Hand-Out B
      • Transparent, equitable, & goal orientated
      • Independent and objective body
      • Financial flexibility & access to diverse resources
      • Ability to manage short-term uses alongside long-term tenants
      • Preserve low cost space for art
  • Moving Forward – After the Master Plan
    • Are We Missing Anything?


Please view this presentation before proceeding with any worksheets if you are interacting asynchronously. The presentation will be in the Zoom when attending the meeting online.

This is the handout packet passed out during the meeting.

Worksheet 1

Armory Meeting Governance Wishlist Ranking

  • Transparent, equitable, and goal oriented
  • Independent and objective body
  • Ability to manage short-term uses alongside long-term tenants
  • Preserve Low Cost Space for Art
  • Financial Flexibility & Access to Diverse Resources

Worksheet 2

Armory Governance Meeting Worksheet Wishlist Matrix

Please select the "strongest" choice for each item on the wish list
Non-ProfitQuasi-Municipal TrustCity Department
Clear Mission and By-Laws to ensure continuity
Staff management and support
Public access to regular governance board meetings
Financial Performance Review
Non-ProfitQuasi-Municipal TrustCity Department
Board Composed of Diverse Voices
Ability to Separate Governance Decisions from Operations Decisions
Speed and Flexibility in Long-term Governance Decision Making
Harness Community Member Participation & Enthusiasm
Non-ProfitQuasi-Municipal TrustCity Department
Leasing Efficiency for Long Term Tenants
Conflict resolution
Booking for short term spaces
Central communications & marketing
Non-ProfitQuasi-Municipal TrustCity Department
Subsidize Rents for Long-term Tenants and User Fees for short-term spaces
Rent/Art Production Sponsorships
Non-ProfitQuasi-Municipal TrustCity Department
Financial Flexibility & Access to Diverse Resources
Access to Private Funding
Access to Public Funding
Use of City Budget for Operations?
Use of City Budget for Capital Projects?
Economy of Scale