Somerville has a wealth of individual studios and large studio buildings with prices ranging from $9 to $20 per square foot.   Many studios have waiting lists.


ArtistLink is a collaborative effort to create a stable yet dynamic environment for Massachusetts artists. ArtistLink achieves this mission by taking a leadership role on artist space by providing individual artists, developers, and municipalities with targeted information and technical assistance and by advocating for relevant policy changes at the state level. ArtistLink also provides an online art space finder tool for those looking and those renting.

11 Miller Street

Built in 1881 as the Miller Bros. Casket Company this renovated factory building is home to over 35 artists and artisans working in a broad range of media, including: painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, animation, clay, glass, bookbinding, a violin studio, and more.

226 Pearl Street

This building offers rental studio spaces for 10 artists who participate in the Somerville Open Studios (SOS) during the first weekend in May.

Brickbottom Artists' Building

Brickbottom was developed in the mid-eighties by a group of artists looking for affordable studio spaces in the Boston area. They converted an old bread factory into one of the largest buildings of live/work space for artists in the country.  These units are mostly condos with occasional rentals avaiable.  Contact:  Robert Martel

Central Street Studios

About 20 artists rent space in this building across the street from the Somerville Museum at 57 Central St. Central Street Studios participates in the Somerville Open Studios (SOS) during the first weekend in May.  Contact: [email protected]

Joy Street Artists Studios

Joy Street Artists Studios, the newest artist building in Somerville, offers 52 non-residential work studios in a variety of sizes and shapes to 60 artists.  Contact:  Kelli McCool (617) 625-2572

Mad Oyster Studios

A studio building with approximately 25 artists.  Located on the corner of Pearl and Bradley.

Mix-It Studios

Mix-It was the first studio building in Somerville developed to provide both living and working space for artists. Established as a cooperative in 1987 the 7 units house painters, architects, musicians, printmakers landscape designers, and woodworkers. It is the home of Mix-It Print Studio.  Contact Jane Goldman

Mudflat Studio and Pottery School

Mudflat Studio has offered the metropolitan Boston community a unique opportunity for clay work and play since 1971. As both an exciting, professionally run ceramics school and home to 34 clay artists, Mudflat follows its mission to promote and expand awareness and interest in the ceramic arts. Together, the school and studio form a dynamic community centered on a single medium and a shared creative process. 

Somerville Studios

At 343 Medford St. (know as the Piano building) Somerville Studios offers share workspace for creators, artists, developers, designers and anyone who has patience for creation.  Workspace is leased out month-to-month.

Vernon Street Studios

Somerville's oldest studio buildings offer affordable workspace to more than 75 artists in a factory building run by Rogers Foam.  Contact Ellie Jones

Washington Street Art Center

The Washington Street Art Center in Somerville provides studio workspace for professional painters photographers and writers and serves as a community center. Founded by a cooperative of local artists the Art Center building houses 10 studios a darkroom a gallery and classroom space. The Center is developing classes workshops open studios and concerts as well as hosting annual community events.  Contact:  Lee Kilpatrick