Hello Somerville Business owners.   

Are you familiar with the murals in Somerville? Do you remember our Windows Art Project in Davis and Union Squares during early 2000s? 

For over two decades, the Arts Council has worked with local businesses to highlight local and internationally-renowned artists to collaborate and showcase their work on business walls, windows, indoor spaces. 

During this current time of crisis, these collaborations remain essential for our public health, our community spirit. 

This summer and fall we want push our public art efforts into the City squares and neighborhoods.   Will you join us? 

We need access to exterior walls for murals and a new photo wall project.  Photos are pasted on your wall with a Wheat Paste process. This is a short term pasting and washes right off with power washing, meaning no lasting damage is caused. We can extend this work to create an outdoor photography exhibition in your neighborhood.  Read more about this project here. 

Please contact Gregory Jenkins at the Council if you'd like to collaborate with us.  We'd love to work with you.