In drupal web pages are referred to as nodes.  Within this site there are several different types of nodes which correspond with various aspects of the Arts Council organization.  Each type of node is called a "content type", and each content type has different attributes.  They are outlined below:

  • Program: An example of a program is ArtBeat as a whole.  A program does not occur at a specific time or place.
  • Event: within a program are any number of events.  An example of an event is ArtBeat 2011.  Events occur at a specific time and at a specific location.  From a certian program page it is possible to see a list of events within the program.
  • Performance: within an event are any number of performances.  An example of a performance is band xyz which plays on the Holland St. stage at 2:15 during ArtBeat 2011.  A performance, like an event, has a specific date, time and location.
  • Page: a page is simply an informative web page which lives on this site.  An example of a page is the contact page.


  • For information on how to create the various content types use the menu above. 
  • It is recommended that you keep two browser windows open, one with this documentation section and one in which you can experiment with creating content.
  • This documentation only scrapes the surface of what there is to know about Drupal.  For more resources explore (pay close attention to the documentation section).
  • When creating content always be careful to save your work often.  If writing long sections of text it may be safer to do it in a text editor and then paste the text in.
  • Feel free to edit or add to this documentation section!