• Within an event are any number of performances.  An example of a performance is band xyz which plays on the Holland St. stage at 2:15 during ArtBeat 2011.  A performance, like an event, has a specific date, time and location.

To create a new performance page:

  1. On the right side of this page you should see the administration menu.  Click on ‘create content’ and then click on ‘performance’
  2. As you work your way down the page you will need to enter different types of data into the fields.  At any time you can click the save button at the bottom of the page to save your work. 
    1. Title: set the title of the page
    2. Menu: configure a menu item by entering a title and selecting the parent item.  Setting a weight controls where the menu item sits relative to the other items.
    3. Body: Body: this is text/html that goes in the main content area of the page.  See the section on fckeditor.
    4. Banner image: upload a banner image.
    5. URL path: controls where the page is accessed.  For example, the url path of this page is "documentation/performance".  Also controls where a block or menu will display.  For example, the documentation menu displays on a page where the path begins with ‘documentation’.  So if you were creating the program ArtBeat you would want to start the url path with ‘artbeat’.  If it’s the homepage of a section it’s a good idea to leave it at one level.  For example the main artbeat program page would just be ‘artbeat’.  Then an event within that program might be ‘artbeat/2011’.
    6. Meta tags: Optionally enter keywords, description, etc. for search engine optimization
    7. Enter a location.
    8. Set a date and time for the event. 
    9. Artists: you can link the performance to artists who have registered with the site. Just start typing the artist name in the first empty field and it should pop up.

When you are done editing the node click the save button at the bottom of the page.