In 2011, the Council created a decentralized music festival—Porchfest. Perhaps you’ve sat on your porch and overheard a neighbor strumming guitar on another porch? Porchfest takes this idea and multiplies it. This is not a festival per se but rather a community event where Somervillians share their love of playing and listening to music. Think of Somerville Open Studios, which is for visual artists, but for music. 


Keep Porchfest Positive
Sat., May 11, 2024
(Raindate: Sun., May 12)

If a raindate is called it will be done on Friday at noon.

Please do not walk in streets and stay out of neighbors yards. Please obey traffic signals. Public consumption of alcohol and marijuana is PROHIBITED. Portajohns are distributed across the city, locations in map.

Use public transportation, walk, bike.

Use common sense, have fun.

Bands and hosts must read this Porchfest rules/tips document to participate.

Bands and hosts please download/print out this flyer to post.

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